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tumblr l9w47zYjc21qdb6soo1 500 by ThisLittleBluebird

:bulletblue:Personal Projects:bulletblue:
:bulletpurple: Reference for (grown up!) Dullahan Brannick
:bulletpurple: Reference for Hiro Akagi
:bulletpurple: Reference for Golvan Wruenson
:bulletpurple: After

:bulletpurple: Challenge 1- Bernie's arrival

:bulletpurple: Morgan's entry
:bulletpurple: Alim's ref

:iconbaliwick: 's design trade
:bulletblue:Waiting On List:bulletblue:
:iconbaliwick: 's design trade
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Bernadette- Red Death Ball by ThisLittleBluebird
Bernadette- Red Death Ball
Went for kind of a more jewel toned spring theme. She may or may not be coordinating themes with another gentleman... ;>

Bernadette (c) me
The Workaholic At Rest by ThisLittleBluebird
The Workaholic At Rest
Intro Prompt: How does your character wind down after a long day? 

Wren is an extremely hard-working individual. Most of his time is spent on the job, as a ranchhand at Whiteoak Stables, just outside the suburbs of Wathais. 

Wren is pretty much only able to function while working as much as he does because of coffee. So, after a long day at the stable, his last cup of coffee that evening is quite like a ritual, that final serving is sacred. He commits to rest, read a book, or watch movies accidentally until 2 am. Breaks are few, but he can count on that last cup, every single night.  

For :iconwathais: 

Poor quality picture will be updated in a couple days when I get my hands on a scanner. 
Materials: ink, coffee, Copic, thread 
Morgan Ref- Wathais by ThisLittleBluebird
Morgan Ref- Wathais
Name: Morgan. Never took a last name.

Species: Badb, a witch of the battlefield. Associated with hooded crows, these Celtic beings are a merciful sort of carrion bird. They sooth dying soldiers, wash their armor- and then pick the bones clean. 
Gender: Female
Age: 1,607. Born at the height of Celtic tribes.
Height: 5'5" 
Weight: 157 lbs

Personality: Jaded and serious, Morgan is not very kind to those she finds unworthy of her time. Mortals do not concern her much as things stand currently, as they are too fleeting to grow an attatchment to. Bored easily, this witch will enact mischief on the unwary, rather than actually do anything productive. If offended, she will hardly hesitate to get back at whoever slighted her.
Conversely, to those who have earned her respect, Morgan is fiercely protective.

Background: There is question to if Morgan was ever born at all. When she and her two sisters, Macha and Annan entered the world in Ireland, the trio formed a covenant. At their adulthood, they wandered from battle to battle. A human lifetime later, the trio split in a violent falling-out. Morgan never saw them again. Solo now, she carried on her role, taking many worthy soldiers as lovers along the years. They never lasted long.

During the Crusades, Morgan was drawn to the fighting there. In one city, she stumbled upon a demon that had been locked up and tortured in a citadel. After freeing him, the demon laid waste to the city. When the battle finished, he returned to Morgan and offered her a blood pact, in which he would be in her services. (A common deal between witches and demons.) The demon took up the role as her bodyguard and his distrust of her lovers led to him becoming one himself. This one, however, was unlike the rest of her flings prior. Morgan truly cared for the demon, and he her. The two both had thirst for battle, and continued traveling Europe wherever bloodshed took them.

Things got ugly for the two with the great witch scare that drove Europe mad. Morgan was captured, accused for a witch. (Well, they weren't wrong.) They bound her and sank the witch in the river. Her demon followed, tried to save her, but at the water's touch, began to melt. He fought it as long as he could but eventually had to surface, barely anything left of him. Morgan survived, half-drowned, and came across the body of her lover. He was nearly, if not already, dead. She'd only narrowly lived, herself. The witch hunters still closely roamed the woods, so Morgan was forced to flee. The two lived, now separated, each believing the other had died.

Who would have thought, that 400 years later, she and her Marchelute would live in the same city?

Powers: Generally, Morgan's magical specialty is Alteration. One thing to another. Simple things like that are normal for her, though she rarely uses magic to make her life more convenient. 

Curses: Morgan's curses stem back to her role on the battlefield in the 'old times'. She could meddle in the outcome of battles, aiding whichever side gained her favor. Mostly it can be best described as bouts of especially poor luck, this can manifest physically or through events. They really are just to make mortals suffer, though now the reasons behind casting them are more akin to offense or even boredom.

:bulletpurple: Can take away senses, causing blindness, deafness, or muteness

:bulletpurple: Can take the vigor from muscle

:bulletpurple: Can induce someone into a fit of violent rage (great way to cure boredom)

:bulletpurple: She can't turn someone into anything much bigger than a human, but small animals are common for her just to get someone out of her hair

Combat: She can strike down her enemies with bouts of fire or lightning. Morgan can conjure a shield she uses both as defense and a weapon. It has been by her side since the beginning.

Healing: Morgan's healing abilities are hardly magical, they are natural remedies. She is extremely knowleadgable on 'the old cures'.

Feeding: Before her pact with Marchelute, Morgan's extended life was fed by consumption of humans, by taking the form of a hooded-crow-like harpy. She can still access this form, but no longer needs to feed.

Weaknesses Morgan is very much mortal. She can be killed like any other human. Has a fear of water. Use of her hands is crucial to casting, if she were bound or numbed casting anything substantial would be near impossible.

Role: Morgan owns a small shop for natural remedies (and under the table spells, enchantments, and potions) in downtown Wathais.

For :iconwathais: aaaaaah I'm so excited goodness gracious


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“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”- Dr. Seuss

"Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist can come from anywhere." -Ratatouille

"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world." - Oscar Wilde

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." - Marianne Williamson

"The greats weren't great because they could paint the day they were born, the greats were great because they painted a lot." - Macklemore

"Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets. For it and knowledge can raise men to the divine." -Beethoven

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